• White Tiger Liquid 1oz

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White Tiger Liquid 1oz

White Tiger strongly clears Qi level Heat and Fire blazing in the Yang Brightness channel. Kan's modification of White Tiger lessens the harsh effects of Gypsum, and offers added support by nourishing Yin and Qi, making this formula gentler and safer than the original. When a robust pathogenic factor invades the Yang Brightness level, a great battle begins, characterized by the "four bigs:" big heat (fever), big sweat, big thirst, and a big pulse.

These symptoms indicate that the patient has sustained an invasion by an Exterior pathogen that is generating a significant amount of Heat, which is damaging the Yin. Yin deficient constitutions are more susceptible to an invading Heat-type pathogen. There may be accompanying signs of insomnia, Fire-Palms Heat, and a dry throat as well as dry cough, "burning up," tiredness, sweating, irritability, and an inability to drink enough fluid to quench thirst.


Sheng shi gao (Gypsum); Zhi mu (Anemarrhea rhizome); Shan yao (Chinese yam rhizome); Xi yang shen (whole) (American ginseng root); Zhi gan cao (Chinese licorice root (honey fried)).


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