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Bloods Palace (vet) 120t

This formula treats Blood Stasis in the Upper Burner, Blood deficiency symptoms, Liver Qi stagnation, and relieves pain

Indications (Symptoms):
-Territoriality, timidity, anxiety, frequent dreaming, noise sensitivity
-Skin and eye dryness, mild to moderate itch
-Mild to moderate liver enzyme elevations
-Lower limbs, ear tips, paws that are cool to the touch
-Hacking or resonant cough
-Lavender tongue
-Thin, tense pulses


Pinyin Name
 -Common Name
Tao ren
 -Peach seed
Dang gui shen
 -Dong quai root
Hong hua
 -Carthamus flower
Chuan niu xi
 -Cyathula root
Sheng di huang
 -Raw rehmannia root
Chi shao
 -Chinese red peony root
Zhi ke
 -Bitter orange mature fruit
Chuan xiong
 -Sichuan lovage rhizome
Jie geng
 -Platycodon root
Chai hu
 -Bupleurum root
Gan cao
 -Chinese licorice root
Inactive Ingredients: Silicon dioxide
(glidant/dehydrant), Stearic acid
(lubricant/binder), microcellulose (coating).


Take 2-3 times daily: 1-10lbs - 1/4 tab 11-20lbs - 1/2 tab 21-35lbs - 1 tab 36-75lbs - 2 tabs 76-100lbs - 3 tabs


Consult a health professional before taking this or any other product.

Consult your physician for more information.


Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Safety-sealed for your protection and for product freshness. Do not use if seal is missing or broken

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.