Practitioners Only



Practitioner only products are for distribution by qualified healthcare professionals who follow all  of Natural Steps Formula policies and agreements (“Healthcare Professional(s)”). Practitioner only products are  to be dispensed only by Healthcare Professionals in the context of their practice.

  1. Intended Use of Products: Products are only to be used by an individual under the oversight and supervision of his/her Healthcare Professional.

  2. Sale of Products: Healthcare Professionals may only distribute Products to individuals: (a) who are under their direct supervision and care; and (b) for that individual’s personal consumption.

  3. Distribution of Products: Each Healthcare Professional is allowed by Natural Steps Formula to offer to sell and/or sell Products only in the following channels of trade:

    1. In-Office. All Products may be distributed in office. 

    2. Online. The use of internet distribution must comply with the Intended Use of Products and Sale of Products (“Authorized Online Sales”). In-Office–Only Products (and other Products as may be specified from time to time) may never be sold online by a Healthcare Professional.
  4. Prohibited Channels: Any offer to sell and/or sale on any third-party website is prohibited. A third-party website is any website that is owned or operated by someone other than the Healthcare Professional or Natural Steps Formula. In order to prevent any confusion, Healthcare Professionals are asked to register on their customer account all websites they use for Authorized Online Sales.

  5. No Modification: Healthcare Professionals may not modify, alter, add-to, and/or change the Products or packaging in any way.